POSTcards From Me To You

Messages To And From Young People

By: Innovative Resources

POSTcards From Me To You
In a time when text messages, tweets and other social media postings have largely replaced letters, the postcard endures as a soulful, funny, poignant, radical, edgy and highly collectable artifact. This set of 20 postcards will follow the tradition of intriguing and varied design and will provide a communication tool between youth and the adults around them.
They can be given to someone, slipped under a door, mailed, pinned up or kept as a momento. With these postcards a person can ask for help, say how they feel, congratulate someone, say sorry, say thank you, speak out about anything, or offer support.
You receive 3 of each card, 60 cards in total. Make them freely available for young people’s use; you never know—one may appear under your door when they can’t say what they need to say face to face.

The 20 postcards in the set are:
1. Alone
2. Are you OK?
3. Believe
4. Best Wishes!
5. Can We Talk?
6. Can’t Stop Thinking About …
7. Celebrate!
8. Deadly
9. Feeling …
10. Help
11. I Like the Way You …
12. Kicking Goals
13. Lightbulb
14. Need …
15. On Your Side
16. Proud!
17. Respect
18. Sorry
19. Stay Strong
20. Thank You
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