When Life Gives You Lemons

By: Celia Painter & Abbie Krieble

When Life Gives You Lemons

It's hard growing up. It's even harder growing up if you're dealing with a mental illness. This book is here for you to provide understanding about what you're going through and help make more sense of it all.

Written by young people who have been there, this book provides an understanding of what depression and anxiety is like, and helps make sense of it all. Practical advice is given on how to deal with depression and anxiety. This resource is excellent for young people. It could also be used to give parents an idea of what their adolescent is going through. Recommended by both Clinical Psychologist, counsellors and teachers for adolescents and their parents, the book provides and insightful look under the covers of teenage depression, anxiety and angst.

"An insightful journey through adolescent depression and anxiety - a wonderful resource for young people to draw from." - Jo Leech, Clinical Psychologist

"Having been there has allowed these two to create this beautiful, simple and insightful look under the covers of teenage depression anxiety and angst." - David Hansen, Organisational Psychologist

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