Achieving Success with Impossible Children

How to win the battle of wills

By: Dr Dave Ziegler

Achieving Success with Impossible Children

After 30 years of working with some of society's most challenging and troubled children, Dr. Dave Ziegler believes that are no impossible children, just impossible situations. The programs he has started have focused on children no one seems to be able to help, yet over time the children have achieved exceptionally positive outcomes. Using clear and very accessible language, humor and numerous real-life anecdotes, he describes how to help "impossible" children achieve success in their families and their lives. Biological, adoptive and foster parents, therapists, teachers and social workers will find Achieving Success with Impossible Children a gold mine of information and an invaluable reference.

A licensed Psychologist and licensed Marriage and Family therapist, Ziegler has received his doctorate in counseling and psychology from the University of Oregon. He wrote his first training program for parents in 1972. Today he is the Executive Director of Jasper Mountain, a treatment program for some of our society's most damaged children.

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