Kids Skills

Playful and practical solution-finding with children

By: Ben Furman

Kids Skills

Warning! Kids' Skills is a radical book. It might just change forever your views about parenting, teaching and what constitutes a child's 'problems'.

Kids' Skills is a playful and practical approach to solving difficulties faced by children. At the heart of Kids' Skills is one very significant notion - practically all problems can be seen as skills that need to be developed.

Kids' Skills does not blame children or parents for difficulties. Nor does it eliminate the need for childhood professionals. But it does challenge traditional concepts of the role of 'experts'.

The 15 simple steps that comprise the Kids' Skills method show us how to convert problems into skills. These practical steps create dynamic and playful partnerships between carers and children. This method invites children to become active participants in skill-building and solution-finding.

A book buzzing with ideas, stories and suggestions. Be prepared for refreshing and fun ways that children and adults can come together to convert problems into skills!

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