The Teenage Brain DVD

Understanding and Working with the Changes

By: Nathan Wallis

The Teenage Brain DVD

13-19 years

The teenage years can be some of the most rewarding and memorable times we spend with our children, and also some of the hardest parenting we ever do! Many of us think that today's youth are more self-obsessed, defiant and unmotivated than ever before,but a quick look at history tells us this is not new!

Plato wrote in the 1st century b.c that love luxury; they have bad manners, contempt for authority; they show disrespect for elders and love chatter in the place of exercise. They are now tyrants.....They contradict their parents and tyrannize their teachers. In fact these are inscriptions on the pyramids from 6000years ago that say the same thing!

Brain scans have given us insight into why this is and the radical changes the brain goes through in the teenage years. Understanding these changes and how to best work with them can help us to make those years a much more pleasurable experience!

Nathan gives a straight forward and easy to follow explanation of these changes, with practical and grounded advice on how to navigate our way through the often turbulent, teenage years.

Nathan Mikaere Wallis has a master’s degree in Educational Psychology and a practice background in teaching and child therapy. Nathan is a trustee for the Brainwave Trust and is a sought after trainer in the area of neuroscience research and its implications for practice. He runs a successful training consultancy specialising in this field. 

As well as teaching neuroscience, Nathan is a father, step father and foster parents which gives him the insight to be able to apply this knowledge to everyday life.

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