Storm in a Teacup

A Teardrop reveals a universe of meaning

By: Chris Townsend

Storm in a Teacup

‘A teardrop fell into a teacup

Half of which was never drunk

The half that ended up in the sink

Down the drain

Never to be seen again

Or at least

That’s what I thought…’

In Storm in a Teacup you will find environmental and cyclical themes of life and death, renewal and decay, hope and fear, light and darkness. This story takes the form of a poem that tells of a teardrop which finds its way out to sea and finally returns through nature’s cycle to a boy and his grandfather.

This is an intriguing and evocative resource for parents, teachers, counsellors, environmentalists and art therapists. It can be used in classrooms, workshops and groups to build conversations about meaning and change. No two readers will interpret this picture book the same way.

The intensity of Chris Sage-Marsh’s richly hued, deliberately scraggy illustrations make this a memorable and stirring picture book to use with adults and children. Storm in a Teacup also comes with a generous Learner’s Guide full of suggested activities, creative prompts and topics for discussion.

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