Using Stories To Help Children

A Book for Parents & Caregivers, Teachers & Counsellors

By: Liz Maluschnig

Using Stories To Help Children

Using Stories: a book for parents and caregivers, teachers and counsellors by Liz Maluschnig MNZCCA, was written about situations the counsellor and parent coach has come across in her practice. She wanted a way to validate children’s feelings, and equip parents and caregivers to meet their emotional needs.

Children love stories! Stories bypass our thinking brain and go straight to the heart. Through stories, children can have their situation addressed without needing to defend themselves. This manual with its collection of stories to read with children, identifies problematic behaviours, and gives us the tools needed to help name the feelings, talk about them, and help provide strategies to deal with them.

Maluschnig says that when children are going through a difficult time, parents often focus on the behaviour and are unaware of the depth of feeling that is being communicated within the behaviour. As parents, she says we need to use listening as our first point of action in every instance, not just with the big issues – it really does make a difference to children.

Liz Maluschnig is a Counsellor, Parent Coach, and Spiritual Director, and lives in the Wanaka district with her husband and two children. Beginning her career as a registered nurse specialising in cancer for eight years, she then trained as a Counsellor at the University of the Nations in Hawaii. Since returning to NZ she has continued her training and professional development in counselling.

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