A Pocket of Stones

12 Hand-made Ceramic Heads

By: Innovative Resources

A Pocket of Stones

Almost everyone can remember picking up a stone, turning it over in their palm and placing it in their pocket. Something about its shape, texture, colour and weight in the hand feels just right. In some mysterious way the stone is imbued with meaning and even a personality.

A Pocket of Stones is a set of 12 hand-crafted, ceramic heads, each one with a different shape and a different facial expression. Fans of our picture-book The Wrong Stone will be delighted to find some of the same characters coming to life in this form.

Each set of stone heads comes in a canvas drawstring pouch with a small booklet of suggestions on how to use the stones, including tips for family work. These delightfully tactile stone characters provide a unique way of talking about feelings. They can be used by themselves or with other play therapy materials to open up conversations about what is happening in our lives.

  • Which stone represents how you are feeling today?
  • Which stones are like the people around you?
  • Would it help if you kept a stone in your pocket to remind you of how you want to feel or the person you can be?
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