Note To Self

24 Laminated, Full-Colour Cards

By: Innovative Resources

Note To Self

  • What do I really want?
  • What can I learn from difficulty?
  • What are my choices?
  • What’s one step I will take today?

Right questions at the right time are powerful catalysts for change—and we all need these reminders to be the best we can be.

Drawing on the wisdom of Choice Theory, Note to Self is a set of 24 cards designed to promote self-responsibility. They are reminders which can help us gain effective control over ourselves and our lives by focusing on that which we have direct control over: our thoughts and actions.

Note to Self is divided into six suits: Power, Perspective, Potential, Purpose, Preservation and Practice. Each suit offers four statements and a set of questions to help us focus on the choices we can make.

  • Use these cards for conversations that aim to:
  • clarify needs and wants
  • identify strengths and exceptions
  • awaken hope
  • acknowledge thoughts and feelings
  • identify patterns or themes in our lives
  • explore beliefs and values
  • find ways forward.

Featuring muted colours and the subtle motif of a dandelion, Note for Self provides simple but profound affirmations and, importantly, asks us to identify how we will action these affirmations in our daily lives.

This resource can be used in a variety of ways with groups and individuals, and is ideal for counsellors and therapists, life coaches, psychologists, social workers, managers and supervisors, teachers and trainers, facilitators and team leaders, and Choice Theory practitioners.

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