Our Scrapbook of Strengths

42 Laminated, Full-Colour Cards

By: Innovative Resources

Our Scrapbook of Strengths

Our Scrapbook of Strengths introduces eight broad themes that are essential for the happiness and cohesion of communities, families and teams: Communication, Acceptance, Affection, Sharing Activities, Support, Resilience, Togetherness and Commitment.

Each card, illustrated to resemble a page from a family album or scrapbook, describes a strength relating to one of these themes, such as ‘We look for out for each other’, ‘We give each other space’, ‘We share memories’ and ‘We learn from our tough times’.

Use these cards to help families identify and acknowledge their strengths or to build a community group’s capacity to tackle a new project. The cards can be used as a creative prompt for storytelling, as a tool for relationship and pre-marital counselling, and as a resource for negotiating rules and building a sense of belonging with blended or step-families.

  • Invite members of group to scan the cards and chose one that reminds them of a highlight in the group’s life. Why was the event or situation so successful? What strengths were evident?
  • Which family strengths do you think most contribute to your sense of identity? What strengths did your family find difficult to sustain?
  • What strengths do you admire in your own family? Were you ever surprised by the strengths you saw in the families of your friends?

Jointly developed by Innovative Resources and the Family Action Centre at the University of Newcastle, Our Scrapbook of Strengths is an ideal set for family workers, support workers, school counsellors, social workers, team leaders and marital counsellors to keep in their toolkits!

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