48 Laminated, Full-Colour Cards

By: Innovative Resources


Signposts - Reflecting on our lived experience of soulfulness

Signposts is a set of 48 cards based on original photographs for building conversations about meaning, spirituality, connectedness and transformation. This tool is not based on a particular theology or philosophy. It explores ways to reflect on the mystery of our life's purpose and action belief in our everyday lives. Each card combines a powerfully evocative full-color photo with a few simple words. Signposts can revitalize our contemplation and create dynamic conversations about matters we hold closest to our hearts.

  • Select a card and speak about an experience you have had of this theme. Which other cards represent themes that are strong for you now?

  • Which cards do you think you do well? Which would you like to learn to practise more often?

  • Thinking of a time of transition/challenge, select 3 cards that were strengths you drew on at the time you now draw on.

  • If you could 'gift' a quality/ability to a friend/family member/colleague, which card would you choose?

  • Randomly select a card. Use this as a contemplation/writing theme for the week. Have any key understandings emerged?

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