The Scaling Kit Interactive DVD

By: Innovative Resources

The Scaling Kit Interactive DVD

Social workers, teachers, counsellors, therapists, parents: here is an empowering, simple and fun 
way to measure change and notice progress with your clients, students, groups, teams, families 
and communities.

The Scaling Kit is now only available on DVD, and consists of a booklet of suggestions and 10 interactive scaling masters with movable components and text bubbles.  You can open up one or more of the scaling masters on your computer and simply print it out for the client to write on. Or…you may want to explore the digital interactivity with your client directly online by opening the master(s) on your computer or ipad, and moving a component (such as an arrow) on the scaling master according to where the client indicates they are at on the scale. There is also a text bubble where such things as the client’s plans, comments and goals can be typed.  

For example, if you and your client decide to use the ladder scale, there is a little interactive marker at the side of the ladder which can be moved up or down the rungs. When the marker is at the place the client chooses, the scaling sheet can be printed out showing the client’s rating choices on the scale and any comments typed in the text bubble. In this way, the scaling sheet is personalised to each client and each session.

The 10 interactive masters on the DVD are: 
Balance – Circle – Ladder – Pathway – Pendulum – Rating – Wheel – Sun Up/Sun Down –Thermometer – Ups and Downs – Water Tank.

From goal-setting to building skills, from changes in behaviour or mood to evaluation, visual scaling 
is one of the most powerful ways to measure change.

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