Creative Yoga for Teenagers

Focus, fitness and fun

By: Innovative Resources

Creative Yoga for Teenagers

We have a lifelong relationship with our body so it pays to treat it well and listen to it with respect. We also have a lifelong relationship with our mind. One of the greatest challenges we each have is to learn to be more skilful in managing our thoughts.

Because there is an intimate connection between our mind and our body, yoga teaches us about managing the flow of our thoughts as we engage in the flow of the postures. The fun part is about feeling healthy, vital and at ease with our body. It is about the sheer enjoyment of the body and its movement. Yoga, when practised with open intent, simply feels good!

In this book you’ll find a series of creative yoga sequences designed by yoga and dance education specialist, Edna Reinhardt. Edna brings to bear her wealth of knowledge about yoga and her years of experience teaching yoga to children and young people.

This book presents each posture on a separate page, before showing how they are combined to create sequences of movement. Instructions for the yoga postures are accompanied by photographs demonstrating correct alignment.

Hardcover folder containing spiral-bound pages, full-colour, 112 pages 

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