Wonderful You

An alphabet of ways to say, ‘Well Done!’

By: Innovative Resources

Wonderful You

Wonderful You has fun with words. It celebrates the joyousness of language and the pleasures of reading and being read to. It invites adults and children alike to build vocabularies for noticing strengths and giving compliments.

When people are stressed it is easy for praise to be withheld or forgotten. These cards have a whacky sense of humour but a serious intent: Wonderful You contains lots of possibilities for building affirmations into our conversations with children. In this set of cards, the praise is built-in and infectious!

  • Select a ‘card of the week’. Can you find other words or compliments starting with the same letter? Invite the child to use the key words of the compliment to another person. 
  • Use the cards to make a colourful frieze for the classroom or a child’s bedroom.
  • Choose a card to show your child that you have noticed the good things they did during the day. Some children might even like to go to sleep with a card under their pillow.

Teachers, parents, child care workers and foster-care givers: here’s a super resource for boosting children’s confidence and self-esteem. Ideal for language development, great for tactile learners and perfect for encouraging creativity and compliments in all our conversations.

26 full-colour laminated cards, 160mm x 160mm
Polypropylene box with 28-page booklet 

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