Brain-Based Therapy with Children and Adolescents

Evidence-Based Treatment for Everyday Practice

By: John B. Arden & Lloyd Linford

Brain-Based Therapy with Children and Adolescents

Written in an accessible way, Brain-Based Therapy shows clinicians how they can become more effective therapists by understanding and applying recent findings about the brain in their work with children and adolescents. The result is a new kind of therapy, one that takes into account both the uniqueness of each child or adolescent, as well as the requirements of standardized care as recommend by evidence based practice-offering mental health professionals advice they can put into practice immediately.

Relying on research in development neurobiology, brain imaging, and evidence-based psycho-therapeutic practices, the authors, experts in both neuroscience and evidence-based practice, cover:

  • The importance of understanding how the brain develops and functions in doing the actual work of child and adolescent psychotherapy
  • Recent neuroscientific discoveries and how these can be integrated into evidence-based interventions to create uniquely effective treatments
  • Evidence-based interventions fro the most common childhood and adolescent disorders, such as ADHD, OCD, and depression
  • Tips on helping children and adolescents re-regulate such neurodynamically important processes as sleep and the mind-body relationship
Incorporating useful vignettes that illustrate how to include these new treatments into effective client care. Brain Based Therapy explains the concept of brain-based therapy in a succinct and easy-to-grasp way, enabling therapists to make practical sense of neuroscience and how it can work within their daily practice.
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