Bundle of Stickers

Assorted Stickers

By: Innovative Resources

Bundle of Stickers

This bundle of ‘seriously optimistic’ stickers contains sticker sheets from all of our sticker packs. Use the stickers at workshops, conferences, in the classroom and for therapeutic activities. They’re great for sticking on workbooks, journals, name tags, letters and cards … and a thousand other places you haven’t even thought of yet!

  • - Invite participants at a workshop to select a sticker as a reminder of their learning
  • - Use the stickers to record people’s feedback
  • - Place stickers on your calendar or in your diary to remind yourself of the quality you want to develop on that day or week.
  • - Stickers fit onto name tags. Let participants at your next conference or workshop choose a sticker when they register.
  • - Use the stickers to describe the strengths and special qualities of your team-mates, family and friends.
The contents of the bundle may vary at times, but you’ll always get a great range of more than 360 individual stickers to play with!

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