Culture Speaks

Cultural Relationships & Classroom Learning

By: Russell Bishop & Mere Berryman

Culture Speaks

Culture Speaks is a revolutionary book for educators, parents and all those wishing to better the education of New Zealand children.

Professor Russell Bishop and Mere Berryman interviewed a large number of Māori high school students, their families, teachers and school principals. These interviews have produced a disturbing snapshot of the current New Zealand education system. The message is simple and powerful. Classroom relationships are paramount. Disabling professional and personal relationships between teachers and Maori students have direct negative effect on students' learning.

But the good news from the research is that a professional development programme, Te Kotahitanga, has been developed. This identifies the barriers to educational achievement of Māori and proposes solutions. If you are interested in the education engagement and achievement of Māori students in schools and the future of New Zealand, this book is essential.

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