Deep Speak

120 Laminated, Full-Colour Cards

By: Innovative Resources

Deep Speak

The world according to you

  • Some questions are hard to answer
  • Some questions take us by surprise
  • Some questions haunt us for years
  • Some questions make us laugh
  • Some questions challenge our values
  • ...and our picture of who we are.
Deep Speak is a set of 120 questions like these, each with its own beautifully designed card, plus a 32-page booklet of suggestions to explore the transformational power of simple questions.

Teachers, counsellors, therapists, social workers, parents and anyone who spends time with young people can use Deep Speak to build rich conversations about some of life's big questions, and some of the little quirky ones as well.

These kinds of conversations assist young people to build the chapters of their life story making links with significant people and events, and navigating the feelings and emotions connected with these.

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