Gender Fairness

24 Laminated, Full-Colour Cards

By: Innovative Resources

Gender Fairness

Gender Fairness is a professional, highly-engaging learning tool for:

  • generating conversation and reflection about gender roles and fairness
  • exploring gender fairness in a safe, curious and respectful way
  • creating shared learning for groups, teams, organisations, businesses and communities
  • deepening understanding about how gender unfairness limits opportunities and creates power imbalances
  • shifting cultures of gender unfairness by clearly naming and respectfully challenging the issues
  • developing an inspiring vision for gender equity that benefits everyone.

Each card features:

  • an important topic such as ‘Social Messages’, ‘Sexualisation’ or ‘Role Models’
  • a key principle of fairness
  • a cartoon in the rich tradition of social commentary
  • 3 important questions to get conversations rolling.

Use these cards in meetings, planning sessions, professional development, training and education, community events, counselling, mentoring, supervision, and families.

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