Helping Teens Who Cut

Understanding and Ending Self Injury

By: Michael Hollander PhD

Helping Teens Who Cut

Discovering that your teen “cuts” is absolutely terrifying.  Before you understand what really motivates cutting, you may worry your child is contemplating suicide.  What can you do to help when every attempt to address the behaviour seems to push him or her further away?

In this compassionate, straightforward book, Dr Michael Hollander, a leading authority on self-injury, spells out the facts about cutting – and what to do to make it stop.  You’ll learn how overwhelming emotions lead some teens to hurt themselves, and how proven treatments – chief among them dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT) – can help your child become well again.  Helping Teens Who Cut demonstrates how to talk to your teen about cutting without making it worse, and explains exactly what to look for in a therapist or treatment programme.

Drawing on decades of clinical experience as well as the latest research, Dr Hollander provides concrete ways to help your son or daughter cope with extreme emotions without resorting to self-injury.  You’ll also learn practical communication and problem-solving skills that can reduce family stress, making it easier to care for yourself and your teen during the recovery process.

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