Positive Psychology

Positive Psychology

Practical Applications with Young People and Families

Positive Psychology
Dr Emma Woodward

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There are two complementary strategies for improving the wellbeing of people. One is to relieve what is negative in life; the other is to strengthen what is positive. Mainstream psychology focuses largely on the first strategy; positive psychology emphasizes the second. In less than a decade, positive psychology has caught the attention of the academic community and increasingly is successfully utilised by helping professionals to improve the overall wellbeing of the people they work with.

Positive psychology approaches balance practice so that they are as concerned with strength as with weakness; as interested in building the best things in life as in repairing the worst; and as concerned with making the lives of people fulfilling as with healing pathology. The value of positive psychology is to complement and extend the problem-focused psychology that has been dominant for many decades. Its focus is on potential, and it aims to discover and promote the factors that allow individuals, families and communities to thrive. In this highly engaging workshop Dr Emma Woodward will introduce positive psychology models and techniques that are of particular relevance to work with children, young people and families. Some of the key areas that will be discussed include: 

The science behind positive psychology and why it has proven to be so successful
Why relationships and social connection are vital for well-being at all ages, and how mindset, optimism, and positive emotions and experiences contribute to well-being
An introduction to positive psychology concepts that build, promote and develop well-being
Positive psychology’s links to positive development and resilience, emotions research and cognitive and social neuroscience
An exploration of practical take-away techniques and tools, that have applicability across a range of age groups and professional settings, which promote wellbeing and resilience.
Embedding a wellbeing culture, the why, what and how of wellbeing practices.
Dr. Emma Woodward is a Child, Educational and Community Psychologist. She completed her Doctorate in Child, Educational and Community Psychology at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust in the UK.  She has always worked in the social care and education sector, predominately with children and young people in care in both community and residential settings. Currently she resides in Auckland and runs a successful strengths-based consultancy using  positive psychology principles to promote wellbeing and resilience within the education sector.
390 Fenton Street, Glenholme, Rotorua

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Date: Thursday 21st September 2017
Time: 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Venue: Distinction Hotel Rotorua
Address: 390 Fenton Street, Glenholme, Rotorua
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