The Likes of Youth

By: Quirky Kid

The Likes of Youth

The Likes of Youth Kit (LoY) has been developed to help boys (10–16 years) through the often turbulent transition to young adulthood.

With an emphasis on self-awareness and coping strategies The Likes of You{th} Kit empowers young boys to improve their social and emotional well-being through collaborative activities and discussion of themes such as Authority and Rebellion, Motivation and Depression, Confidence and Participation, Freedom and Scape, Girls, Rumours and Sexuality, Self Esteem and Style, etc.

Used by us here at The Quirky Kid clinic with great success during individual and group intervention, this best seller resource is also used in over 600 clinics and school around Australia, Canada, USA, Singapore and Malaysia.

The Likes of You{th}’ Kit includes a set of 12 Picture Cards, 24 Questions Cards and a User Manual.

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