Communities of Hope

By: Innovative Resources

Communities of Hope

Communities of Hope is about something very precious. It’s about a community’s capacity to learn, to change, to grow—and to build that most invaluable of commodities: respectful connectedness.

Communities of Hope describes a ‘strengths’ approach to community capacity building. This approach is concerned with the building of a community’s own capacity and potential. The focus is on the building of community by the community. Planning, competency and decision making are owned by the community. Additional expertise, information, knowledge and other resources are accessed by the community to complement its vision, its strengths and existing resources.

Social workers, community leaders, mental health professionals: here is a step-by-step blueprint for a strengths-based approach to community capacity building, designed to guide people as they create resilient, flexible, well-connected communities. 

Paperback, 214mm x 278mm, 208 pages 

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