Doing Change

Conversations for moving on

By: Innovative Resources

Doing Change

Tired of waiting for things to change in life?
Want to shift old patterns and do things differently?

The changes we are looking for in our lives rarely happen ‘out of the blue’. We ourselves have to ‘do’ the change we seek. With a few surprisingly simple strategies and suggestions, we can be proactive change-agents for ourselves and for others.

Originally published under the title Healing the Whole Person, this classic text by Rob McNeilly, a pioneer in the field of solution-orientated therapy, is not only for therapists and counsellors, but also for educators, social workers, parents, couples, and anyone interested in bringing about change by doing things differently.

This revised edition of McNeilly’s book explores the way our emotions, our words and our body influence each other. It also includes intriguing, moving, inspiring and sometimes amusing stories and conversations from a master therapist’s practice. 

Doing Change includes questions, practical suggestions and activities for: relieving stress, anxiety and depression, changing patterns and shifting habits, regenerating relationships and… getting better sleep!

Paperback, 230mm x 155mm, 190 pages 

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