Growing Well Kit

Ways of noticing our emotional and mental wellbeing - A simple scaling tool built around 50 key indicators for mental health and balance.

By: Innovative Resources

Growing Well Kit

Mental health professionals, therapists, psychologists and social workers: here is a mental health monitoring tool suitable for use with clients from most walks of life.

The Growing Well cards and checklist pads feature statements relating to five key aspects of mental health and wellbeing:

Being Connected

  • Being Connected 
  • Being Active
  • Being Satisfied
  • Being Organised
  • Being Healthy

Accompanying each statement is a visual ‘scale’—a series of six illustrations showing a seed at different stages of growth towards becoming a tree. The user checks the box that best reflects how they feel in relation to the statement.

Growing Well is specifically designed to help people notice change and describe growth—even when words seem inadequate.

The kit contains 50 laminated cards 140mm x 140mm (in polypropylene box), 32-page booklet and five A4 scaling Masters which will be sent as a PDF.

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