Views from the Verandah

54 Cards for building our pictures of the future

By: Innovative Resources

Views from the Verandah

Imagine sitting on a verandah surveying the landscape of your life. What lies just around the corner? What is even further ahead-on the horizon?

Perfect for talking about long and short term goals, Views from the Verandah is a card set for career planning, coaching and mentoring, evaluation, relationship counselling, and much more. In the new edition of this much-loved classic, a colourful cast of Australian critters comes to life to help families, teams, individuals and organisations identify aspirations and goals.

  • Use the timeframe cards to put your hopes and anticipated changes into priority order. What do you want to change first and what can wait?
  • Select a few cards that identify strong themes in your life right now. Select some that identify what you would like to be doing more of in one week, one month, six months, or a year.
  • Imagine you are being given an award or recognition. Select a card that shows what you would like to receive the award for.
  • Choose a card at random. What relevance does this card have for you at present? Have there been times in your life when the card has had more (or less) importance? Do you imagine it will be important to you in the future? Why?

Coaches and mentors, career counsellors, educators, managers and social workers: use this card set to build rich, practical conversations about what is important in life, what we might want to change and what we hope for.

54 laminated, full-colour cards, 148mm x 105mm
Polypropylene box, 36-page booklet 


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