Anxiety At School

Anxiety At School

Strengthening And Assisting Children And Teens

Anxiety At School
Karen Young

As much as school can nurture, nourish and build children and adolescents, the very nature of school means that it can also be abundant with anxiety triggers that can significantly compromise their growth and development. Anxiety can be fuelled by anything unfamiliar or any situation that comes with the potential for embarrassment, failure, humiliation, shame, or separation – and school is ripe with all of them. School presents many children with some of the greatest challenges to their mental health, but it also presents some of the greatest opportunities to strengthen against anxiety. 

This workshop is for any professional who works with or within the education system, or with children or adolescents struggling with anxiety at school. Participants will learn practical strategies to effectively respond to children and teens with anxiety, as well as ways to capture the powerful buffering role school can play in strengthening all young people against anxiety at school and beyond. 

We will explore:

  • the impact of anxiety on performance, behaviour and friendships at school;
  • different ways anxiety can manifest at school;
  • how anxiety can present across different developmental stages and why this needs to be considered when responding to anxiety at school;
  • how to manage challenging behaviours when anxiety is the fuel;
  • the relationship between anxiety and learning, and how to unlock a ‘learning brain;
  • how to support children through separation anxiety, school anxiety, and school refusal;
  • the role of sensory processing in anxiety and how this can be used to identify potential school triggers and shape therapeutic interventions;
  • the popular behaviour management techniques that can make anxiety worse, and what to do instead;
  • changing the mindset – why the way children think about anxiety matters, and engaging a strength-based model of anxiety to calm anxiety and build resilience;
  • the neurobiology of anxiety - how to use this as a scaffold for therapeutic change;
  • the effects of parental accommodation - how to enlist parental support and activate their capacity to be change-makers;
  • how to build relational safety and high quality relationships, and why this is key to learning, educational engagement and anxiety management;
  • the power of attachment – using attachment-based strategies to calm an anxious brain and promote therapeutic change;
  • the neurobiology of compassion – the strategies that can neutralise anxiety and activate courage and resilience; 
  • the impact of trauma on anxiety in the classroom, and how to respond;
  • practical, powerful strategies (which can be used in an individual or whole class format) to boost the capacity of all young people to weather anxiety and build courage, resilience and wellbeing at school and beyond.

Karen began her career as a Psychologist, and has worked extensively with children, teens and families and in educational settings. Based in Brisbane, she is now a sought-after speaker and consultant, working with schools, government bodies, and child and adolescent focused organisations both in Australia and internationally to build resources, implement procedures, and support the professional development of staff. Karen is the founder of ‘Hey Sigmund’, an online resource that attracts millions of readers each year and provides contemporary, research-driven resources to support the mental wellness of children and adolescentsKaren speaks with an ease and clarity on this topic which ensures this is a training opportunity not to be missed for all professionals looking to become effective allies for young people in overcoming anxiety.  

58 Waipuna Road, Mt Wellington, Auckland

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"WOW! I have been wanting and needing this information for so long! Thank you! This has really helped me with understanding myself and my anxiety, the children in my class and the ones in my SENCO role. I feel all teachers need this knowledge and also people who are identified with anxiety too. I love the tools, so easy and yet powerful for life skills."

Special Education Needs Coordinator


"Karen is a fantastic speaker. She clearly knows her subject matter and gave us so many examples and tools as well as really well detailed explanations of what is happening inside the brain. Thanks for a great day".

Child Therapist


"Excellent workshop, very informative. Great learning and takeaway strategies that will enhance my work with kids and parents". 



"An excellent day. Thorough, supported with research, practical, accessible approach. So much rich material covered and with a very generous style of presenting". 


Date: Tuesday 20th October 2020
Time: 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Venue: Waipuna Hotel
Address: 58 Waipuna Road, Mt Wellington, Auckland
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