Treating Anxiety - Mindfulness-Based Approaches

Treating Anxiety - Mindfulness-Based Approaches

A Two-Day Intensive Workshop

Treating Anxiety - Mindfulness-Based Approaches
Dr Galia Schechter

Please note the dates & venue have changed from what was previously advertised

As the field of psychology becomes increasingly integrative and sophisticated in its understanding of human development and transformation, so has the area of anxiety and its related disorders advanced considerably in recent years. Meaningful developments in studies of attachment, interpersonal neurobiology, cognitive science and the science of emotions, as well as the application of embodied mindfulness processes toward psychological health and wellbeing now offer us powerful new understanding and practices towards prevention and treatment of a wide range of anxiety related challenges. 

This workshop is designed to provide a comprehensive conceptual and experiential learning opportunity for clinicians and providers working with children and adults who experience episodic and ongoing anxiety related psychological challenges, including generalized anxiety disorder, specific phobias, social anxiety, and panic related disorders. Specifically, the workshop will support participants in deepening their understanding of various theories, conceptualizations and therapeutic modalities related to anxiety, with a particular and central focus on integrating new emerging knowledge with effective mindfulness based mind-body therapeutic techniques and interventions.  The workshop will offer didactic, individual and group based experiential learning and will advance participants’ knowledge and skills in the following areas:

  • Attachment theory and anxiety related childhood adversity and adaptations in a developmental context.
  • Neurobiology, cognitive science and science of emotion as related to experiences of anxiety from a cognitive, emotional, behavioral, interpersonal and existential perspectives. 
  • Recent developments in the field of traumatic stress studies and emerging understandings illuminating the link between developmental and acute traumatic experiences and the development of anxiety related disorders.
  • Mindfulness-based therapeutic approaches, practices and interventions for use with anxiety disorders. Mindfulness-based approaches to be discussed, explored and practiced are based on the following perspectives:
    • Gestalt and Hakomi informed mindfulness based inquiry and observation practices;
    • Process experiential emotion focused therapy;
    • Internal Family System;
    • Acceptance and Commitment therapy;
    • Somatic experiencing

Galia Schechter, Psy.D; MBA, is a California based Clinical Psychologist, Lecturer, Trainer and Supervisor. She currently splits her time between her teaching commitments at several San Francisco Bay Area Universities and her own successful private practice and consultancy in Berkeley. Galia has previously been the Clinical Director of several Community Mental Health clinics and in both her teaching and clinical work, Galia specialises in the integration of Mindfulness-based approaches with the psychology of trauma. Her contemporary knowledge and practice experience combined with her passion for the power and efficacy of mindfulness make this a training opportunity not to be missed for all professionals working with anxious clients.



345 The Terrace, Wellington

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Date: Monday 17th October 2022
End Date: Tuesday 18th October 2022
Time: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Venue: Mövenpick Hotel Wellington (Formerly Grand Mercure)
Address: 345 The Terrace, Wellington
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