Mindfulness : Professional and Personal Applications

Mindfulness : Professional and Personal Applications

A Three-Day Intensive Training Opportunity

Mindfulness : Professional and Personal Applications
Dr Angela Morgan

Mindfulness has become recognised as a credible, mainstream, evidence based way of assisting people to realign their unhelpful thinking and behaviour. At the heart of the intervention is a focus on slowing down and becoming deliberate in your day to day actions and thoughts, thus bringing an increased awareness of the external environment and to the internal experience of the body and mind. It allows thoughts and feelings to be observed from a distance, without misinterpretation. Mindfulness helps people to step out of their conditioning and see issues such as anxiety, depression, substance use, eating disorders, self acceptance, and emotional trauma from a clearer perspective

Compass Seminars is pleased to announce that popular Australian psychologist and Mindfulness practitioner, Dr Angela Morgan will be returning to New Zealand in December 2017 to deliver a three day intensive mindfulness workshop. This training will provide attendees with an opportunity to develop, practice and refine the skills and techniques that are central to this popular approach. The training will be a blend of experiential, practical information & discussions and will provide the opportunity to deepen your own mindfulness practice personally and in your work with clients of all ages.

Some of the specific areas that Angela will cover include:

  • the use of mindfulness to enhance your own therapeutic presence
  • how mindfulness can create more opportunities to increase your therapeutic intuition, flexibility & creativity
  • recent research into the neuroscience of mindfulness, & how using mindfulness can produce changes in your clients' (and your) brain
  • structure, functioning & plasticity
  • increasing your understanding of how different mindfulness exercises can be utilised with different clients, and for which problems
  • and how to get the timing right.
  • how to use mindfulness to establish safety when clients become overwhelmed and when not to use mindfulness at all

This intensive workshop will to build on participants existing understanding of mindfulness with the goal of taking it to the next level. Although attendance at an earlier introductory training course is not a prerequisite a basic level of understanding about the core principles of the approach is required by those planing to attend.

Dr Angela Morgan (PhD) is a clinical psychologist who specialises in the application of mindfulness and acceptance-based interventions. Angela lectures in psychology at Griffith University in Queensland. She also maintains a successful private practice and provides clinical supervision. Angela has received numerous awards and commendations for her teaching. Her contemporary knowledge of this topic, when combined with her endearing presentation style and strong focus on practical applications, mean that this seminar will be extremely beneficial for all helping professionals.

Places are strictly limited to the first 40 delegates only. We would encourage you to register early to avoid disappointment


449 Memorial Avenue, Christchurch

There is plenty of parking available onsite

"Angela, Thank you very much this was probably the most useful seminar I have been on. I have been applying some mindfulness approaches but I now feel confident in making this a strong foundation for my counselling practice."



"Thank you Angela for sharing your wisdom. You have taken my understanding of mindfulness to another level. The course has been very practical in how you can use mindfulness with a range of people."

Occupational Therapist


"Angela; I thoroughly enjoyed your workshop as it built on my knowledge and skills of mindfulness. I enjoyed the ongoing discussion and application of mindfulness to clients. I leave this workshop knowing how I am going to work with some of my clients."

Mental Health Clinician


"Excellent; presentation, knowledge, flexibility and pacing. Angela met a significant numbers of my needs, everything was well illustrated with exercises and clinical work examples."



"Angela; awesome content and pacing with a lovely style. I have come away with lots to use in my actual clinical application which is very welcomed. I will recommend to others. Wonderfully Taught!"


Date: Monday 11th December 2017
End Date: Wednesday 13th December 2017
Time: 9:00 AM - 4:00pm, 3:00pm finish on final day
Venue: Commodore Hotel
Address: 449 Memorial Avenue, Christchurch
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