The REPAIR™ Program

The REPAIR™ Program

Effective Neurofunctional Intervention. A Three-Day Intensive Training

The REPAIR™ Program
Dr Grant Sinnamon

Advances in neuroscience and epigenetics have completely reshaped our understanding of the brain and the impact that early life stressors such as insecure attachments, abuse, neglect and other traumatic events can have on the developing brain's structure and function. Professionals working with these children will be more effective if they understand how to protect and enhance the mechanisms involved in brain development in order to optimise the structural and functional integrity of the growing brain. This 3 day workshop offers a balance of conceptual, empirical, and practical information designed to bridge the research-to-practice gap in this exciting new field.

Grounded in evidence-based developmental neuroscience the REPAIR™ Program is a six-step integrated neuro-biological model in which cognition, behaviour, emotion, motivation, and physical form and function can be understood through the biopsychosocial mechanisms that underpin neurobiological responses to experience.  Originally developed for use with people who experienced early life trauma, the model has also proved to be effective for those working with learning, behaviour, sensory processing, ASD, and other conditions involving functionally disconnected brain processes. This training will provide attendees with the opportunity to explore the program in depth, gain an understanding of assessment methods, and learn strategies to integrate the model into current practice across a range of professional settings. The workshop has a significant hands-on approach and attendees will have the opportunity to practice and refine the skills and techniques that are central to the model.

Some of the key content areas of the program include:

  • A neurofunctional perspective on development, brain function and people in crisis.
  • The eight core principles of neurofunction
  • The REPAIR Model:
    • A detailed overview of the model and each of its components
    • Case conceptualisation, assessment, planning and intervention
    • The model in practice: Neurofunctional assessment and intervention techniques, and how to integrate them into existing models of therapy and service delivery

Dr Sinnamon is a self-confessed “neuro-nerd”, and divides his time between clinical practice, teaching, and an extensive research program. With qualifications in psychology, medicine (psychiatry and psychiatric neuroscience), counselling, and adult education; Grant’s passion is in the areas of the clinical aspects of both developmental neurophysiology and psychoneuroimmunology. His cutting edge understanding of developmental neurobiology the clinical neurosciences, combined with his clear and enthusiastic presentation style make this a training opportunity not to be missed.

As this is an interactive and experiential workshop places are limited to 40 delegates.  This will be the only time Compass Seminars offers this training during 2017 so please register early to avoid disappointment.

20 Gladstone Road, Parnell, Auckland

"Fantastic course, very thorough and well explained. Grant has given me a much greater awareness in how I can work with the parents/children in my work."



"I have found the workshop to be very insightful , informative and the resources very helpful. The delivery method has been great as there has been a mix of written, spoken and visual aids to accommodate a variety of learning styles . Grant has been able to relay the information at multiple levels of understanding to accommodate people from a variety of professions. The stories and experience has made this information more relatable."

Manager of Social Services


"Stimulating, Inspiring, Encouraging, Thought Provoking! Thoroughly enjoyable and very informative, loved every minute."



"I have really enjoyed this seminar. Grant was awesome in presenting the information and sharing his wealth of knowledge. I can use this program within the context of my work and look forward to applying this REPAIR program in my practice."

Family/Whanau Worker

Date: Tuesday 1st May 2018
End Date: Thursday 3rd May 2018
Time: 9:00 AM - 4:00pm (3:00pm finish on the final day)
Venue: Quality Hotel Parnell
Address: 20 Gladstone Road, Parnell, Auckland
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