A Therapeutic Treasure Box

A Therapeutic Treasure Box

Creative & Expressive Tools for Working with Trauma: A Two Day Intensive Training

A Therapeutic Treasure Box
Dr Karen Treisman

Trauma is a multi-sensory whole-body experience which requires multi-sensory whole-body interventions to best facilitate recovery. This 2-day experiential workshop will explore a treasure trove of practical, creative, multi-sensory & ready-to-use intervention strategies which can be easily and immediately incorporated into your work with children and young people who have experienced trauma. The ideas Dr Treisman will present are informed by broad range of respected theories & models (including neurobiological, systemic, sensory approaches,Theraplay, Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy, Narrative Therapy, EMDR, and Trauma-Focused CBT). While these models will be referenced,the primary focus of this training is on exploring and experiencing how to creatively apply this wisdom in real world interactions with clients.

Key workshop themes include; 

  • Ideas for supporting assessment, engagement, & rapport building
  • Strategies for supporting children who have experienced trauma to identify, label, and express their feelings
  • How to support children to modulate and regulate their feelings and their different arousal states
  • ​Establishing multi-levelled safety (inner, emotional, physical, and felt safety)

Workshop Outline - Day 1:

  • Identify therapeutic qualities needed within a relational and developmental trauma context
  • Explore the rationale for using creative, body-based, expressive tools & techniques which reflect current theoretical perspectives in trauma & attachment
  • An overview of Dr Treisman's 7 E model for enriching therapeutic encounters
  • The importance of emotional regulation and establishing multi-levelled safety
  • Creative ideas for engaging with young people and discovering their unique stories

Workshop Outline - Day 2:

  • How feeling expression may be impacted by trauma. Tools & activities for teaching, discussing, & reflecting on feelings. Identifying triggers & hotspots
  • Contemporary ideas for developing safety & wellness plans with children
  • Supporting children to recognise, celebrate, & magnify their strengths, positive qualities and personal resources

Karen utilises an array of teaching styles including experiential hands-on learning, small group discussions, multimedia methods, and lecture delivery.Case studies & live examples will be interwoven throughout. Hand-outs & additional therapeutic resources will be provided for participants.Dr Karen Treisman is a London based specialist Clinical Psychologist, consultant, author & presenter. She has extensive experience in the areas of trauma, attachment & parenting and still works clinically around her busy international speaking schedule. Karen is the author of multiple books and therapeutic resources, including the best-selling ‘A Therapeutic Treasure Box for Working with Children & Adolescents who have experienced relational & developmental trauma’ (2017). In addition to her doctorate in Clinical Psychology, she is also certified in EMDR, Narrative Therapy, Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy, Sensory Attachment Intervention & Theraplay.

Participants will be together as a group and Karen will present via our cutting-edge interactive livestream technology.

220 Courtenay Street, New Plymouth

There is plenty of parking available onsite

"Very well presented, a wealth of information with realistic hands-on activities to support the theoretical base."

Resource Teacher, Learning and Behaviour


"A really helpful and worthwhile seminar. Karen's passion, expertise and vast experience ensured that both days really did provide a 'treasure box' of therapeutic tools for us in practice."

School Counsellor 


"Karen was relevant, easy to listen to and understand. I liked the way she puts complex information into understandable, relatable, simple ways and shows how these concepts can be transferred to children and parents." 

Social Worker/ Play Therapist 

Date: Thursday 4th August 2022
End Date: Friday 5th August 2022
Time: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Venue: Plymouth International
Address: 220 Courtenay Street, New Plymouth
Lunch & Tea Break Catering
Workshop Notes Provided
Certificate Provided
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