Working Wisely with Shame

Working Wisely with Shame

Working Wisely with Shame
Greg Yee

Shame is regarded as virtually a universal affliction, with everyone positioned somewhere on a shame continuum. It always starts as an external experience that becomes an internal belief where a person views self in a very negative way, e.g. I am worthless, useless, or not good enough. Often starting in childhood, this belief generates some of the most painful of all human emotions and the shame sufferer often views their shame as part of their identity, with no sense of how to separate themselves from it.

Consequently, those afflicted with shame go to great lengths to hide, suppress, and deny their shame giving it the toxic power to sabotage the healthy process of identity discovery and formation. Shame is associated with virtually every troublesome mental health issue including anxiety, depression, violence, self-harm, suicide, drug and alcohol abuse, obsessive behaviour, defiant behaviour etc. It is becoming increasingly clear that in order to make any positive move in improving human mental wellbeing, the experience of shame must be addressed. It is essential to enable people to achieve the contentment and wellbeing that can only arise from having a comfortable sense of self.

This workshop aims to discuss and address shame in a practical way by exploring several fundamental questions;

  • What is shame?
  • What causes shame? With particular focus on the shame inflicted, often unintentionally, by common parenting practices. These largely normalised practices are one of the reasons for shame’s ubiquity. An alternate parenting model will be explored.
  • What are the ways in which people try to manage their shame and what harm does shame inflict on an individual?
  • What can we do as helping professionals to assist people of any age to heal from shame?
  • How do we prevent future generations from catching shame?

Greg Yee is a family and individual Therapist, based in Canberra, with over 30 years’ experience of working therapeutically with issues relating to shame. He divides his time between his successful private practice, delivering training for professional audiences and supervising individuals and teams. Greg has previously delivered his ‘Family Violence” workshop for Compass Seminars and is returning to deliver this new workshop in response to demand from our customers to hear more from him. Greg presents with insight, clarity, and compassion, meaning this is a training opportunity not to be missed by anybody working with individuals and families.

7 Alma Street, Hamilton

Parking for the venue is available at the Sky City Carpark.

The Entrance to this is next door to the Novotel.

There is also the Centre Place Carpark around the corner on Victoria Street.

Date: Tuesday 27th September 2022
Time: 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Venue: Novotel Tainui
Address: 7 Alma Street, Hamilton
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