Optimism Boosters

30 Laminated, Full-Colour Cards

By: Innovative Resources

Optimism Boosters

Harness the power of questions

The right question at the right time can stop our negative thought patterns in their tracks. Suddenly, we see optimistic possibilities. Written by a practicing psychologist, each of the 30 cards in this elegant little set creates a window into change by asking a key question. There are three suits - goals, possibilities and strategies - and ten question cards in each suit. Dip into the cards with your friends, clients or students for fresh ways of thinking about problems and decisions.

Thinking of a challenging situation, select a card randomly. Does the question shed new light? Keep going until you find one that does. Write/talk about this.

Choose a card from each suit (possibilities, strategies, goals). Using the questions, write a paragraph on each. Distil your thoughts into very simple sentences.

Select a card that feels particularly relevant/interesting. Use it as a contemplation for the week. Ask yourself the question several times a day. Then write some very simple action points.

Which questions do you often/seldom/never ask yourself? Do some always work well for you? Experiment with some unfamiliar ones.

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