32 Laminated, Full-Colour Cards

By: Innovative Resources


Essential for anyone working with adolescents

Yes! The right visual edge for adolescents! A set of 32 cards or stickers using street and techno style, computer enhanced photography for encouraging adolescents to explore their lives. What do I think? What do I feel? What is important to me? Where am I heading? Each card features a key word and a layer of images to illustrate it. By encouraging conversations about the good stuff and the hard stuff, this is a powerful tool for building identity, self-esteem and goals.

  • For truancy issues choose 3 cards that describe how you are feeling at school. Place them in a column. Pick three cards that say how you want to be feeling. How will you get from the first to the second column?

  • Pick a card that seems important to you right now. How do you experience this in your life? Talk about this in pairs.

  • Which cards represent emotions/thoughts that are easy/difficult for you? Which ones would you like to do better?

  • Choose one card as a focus for a week. Paint/collage/collect quotes/write a short story or poem/search the internet about this theme.

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