From Mistrust To Trust (Interactive Livestream)

From Mistrust To Trust (Interactive Livestream)

Developing Hope & Resilience

From Mistrust To Trust (Interactive Livestream)
Dan Hughes, Ph.D.

Compass Seminars is delighted to announce a New Zealand speaking tour with influential US Psychologist, author and speaker Dr Dan Hughes. Dan developed Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy, Parenting, and Practice (DDP) for professionals and families who care for young people who have experienced relational trauma and have resulting difficulties in their neurological, affective, cognitive, and behavioural development.

In this 1-day presentation, the central role of attachment in enabling an individual to resolve conflicts and traumatic experiences, develop trust, emotional regulation and reflective functioning, and establish a coherent narrative will be explored. Principles and strategies for both professional interventions and daily care which draw on an understanding of attachment, trauma, and neurodevelopmental processes will be presented and discussed.

Some of the specific content areas Dan will present include:

  • Understanding the differences between trust-based and trauma-based relational and neuro-psychological development.
  • The symptoms of developmental trauma and disorganised attachment.
  • Attachment security, inter-subjectivity, and their developmental effects.
  • The key components of DDP with young people and their caregivers (including case and video examples).
  • Blocked Care: The challenges of caring for children and teens who have experienced relational trauma.
  • Care giving principles and interventions - the characteristics of day-to-day care.
  • Keys to enhancing secure attachment for traumatised young people.

Dan will overview DDP, an experiential, reflective, attachment-focused intervention which combines specialised individual, parent/caregiver, and family work, and enhancing other key relationships that the child has in their life. DDP seeks to establish attuned states between the young person and the professional and caregiver in order to safely explore past traumas and current internal working models and behaviours. The approach seeks to assist the young person to develop a coherent story involving both past traumatic experiences and current experiences in safe relationships. Characterised by playfulness, acceptance, curiosity, and empathy (PACE), strengths and vulnerabilities, reciprocity and conflict resolutions are all understood and enhanced.

This workshop will be of particular interest to therapists and professionals working with families, parents (adoptive, foster or kinship), and caregivers of traumatised children with difficulties developing trust, emotional regulation, and reflective functioning.

30 Latimer Square, Christchurch

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Date: Thursday 27th May 2021
Time: 9:00 AM - 3:30 PM
Venue: Rydges Latimer Christchurch
Address: 30 Latimer Square, Christchurch
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