Managing Challenging Behaviour in Autism (Interactive Livestream)

Managing Challenging Behaviour in Autism (Interactive Livestream)

No Fighting, No Biting, No Screaming: How to make positive behaviour possible.

Managing Challenging Behaviour in Autism (Interactive Livestream)
Bo Hejlskov Elven

This practical workshop explains how to reassess challenging behaviours and offers easy and effective strategies for managing difficult situations without having to resort to punitive measures. Based on the successful Low-Arousal Approach, Bo will present proven methods for stepping away from distress and towards calm, improving the quality of life of everyone involved. Helpful examples specific to the unique challenges of working with, caring for, and parenting people on the Autism spectrum will be discussed. Bo will show how positive changes can be achieved by focusing on how we as staff or parents manage our own thoughts and emotions. 

The workshop contains both theory and practical methods of behaviour management. Low arousal approaches are based on the notion that a person needs self-control in order to cooperate, and that self-control depends on successful affect regulation. The practical methods discussed are targeted at assisting the person with autism to gain and maintain self- control in order to manage and minimise challenging behaviour.

Some of the key content areas Bo will discuss include:

  • Defining and conceptualising challenging behaviours: when is it difficult, when is it dangerous?
  • Challenging behaviours are often triggered by unsuitable surroundings or unrealistic demands. Bo will show how identifying and adapting these problem areas can dramatically improve behaviour
  • The low arousal approach: the theory and the application
  • Ideas for managing affect regulation and techniques for regaining and keeping self-control
  • Stress factors: the effect of situational stress factors including common warning signs, and  protective and calming factors
  • When conflict happens: effective techniques for re-establishing calm

Bo Hejlskov Elvén is a Neuropsychologist based in Scandinavia. Bo’s work centres on managing challenging behaviour’s across diagnostic boundaries, with most of this work in the autism field. He has published a number of books on low arousal approaches to challenging behaviour, including 'No Fighting, No Biting, No Screaming: How to make positive behaviour possible in autism and other developmental disabilities'. Bo’s engaging presentation style and wicked sense of humour, combined with his focus on sensible, well tested practical interventions mean this training is a must for anybody working with or caring for people on the Autism spectrum.

Participants will be together as a group and Bo will deliver & interact via livestream.

1 Harrop Street, Dunedin

Parking for the day is available surrounding the venue.  Directly across the road from Town Hall Main Entrance is paid parking at $2 per hour. This has all day parking. There is also another parking facility on Moray Place, one block away from The Dunedin Centre. This has all day parking available. Free parking is a short walk up Stuart Street onto York Place. (there are not always parks there)  There is another paid parking facility approximately 3 blocks walk away from the facility on Dowling Street. There is also CBD parking in all of the surrounding streets. (this is usually $3 per hour)

Please access The Dunedin Centre from Harrop Street and directional signs to the room will be provided from here.

"Fantastic Autism Seminar! Lots of valuable tools/strategies covered to be put into practice.  Highly recommend Bo as a speaker to other practitioners in Education.  I was engaged throughout the seminar"

Occupational Therapist

"This training had some interesting material and I found Bo to be very entertaining.  Bo's delivery made a long day go fast.  I will be taking away some useful strategies to further implement into my practice.  I feel his information to be useful for supporting those with Autism as well as behavioural"

Social Worker

"What a wonderful opportunity to have a presenter like Bo but also this topic of Autism.  Charismatic presenter, genuine in his experiences and a reality check of working in this field.  Thank you for reminding me to remove barriers in my practice."

Social Worker

"Excellent!  Bo was an engaging speaker.  I thought there was a very good balance between theory and practical ideas.  It is refreshing to get advice from someone who is not only incredibly knowledgeable in his field but is working with children with these issues.  It is much easier to take advise from someone who is actually using the ideas themselves.  Definitely worth the trip."

Specialist Teacher

"Lots of very useful practical strategies.  Good to have ideas for recording behaviours to help find patterns.  Very inspired to share strategies with other professionals involved in my son's care.  Like the five step action plan"

ECE Teacher/Parent

Date: Tuesday 25th May 2021
Time: 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Venue: The Dunedin Centre
Address: 1 Harrop Street, Dunedin
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