The Wrong Stone

Picture Book

By: Russell Deal

The Wrong Stone

"I want you to build me a wall with only perfect stones," the big architect said. All the stones tried to put their best faces forward. They hid their ugly bits. But there was one stone that didn't seem to fit. He was the "Wrong Stone" and all the others were laughing at him. Will it be the crusher for him? Exquisite full-colour illustrations throughout. Enjoy the jokes, drama and most of all, the celebration of difference in this heart-warming story where everyone is valued. Imagine.

  • Use this book in pastoral care and in the classroom, with adults and children.
  • Open/close a meeting by reading this book.
  • Have you ever felt like a "wrong stone"? How did you feel? What helps you to feel like a "right stone" again? How could you help someone else?
  • Find the mouse and the lizard in each picture. What might they be saying?
  • How many shapes can you see in the wall at the end of the book? Draw your own wall full of shapes.
  • Play a game where each person has a different shaped "paper" stone. Build the wall like a jigsaw puzzle.

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