Tides of Māori Endurance

Ngā Tai Matatū

By: Mason Durie

Tides of Māori Endurance

Ngā Tai Matatū: Tides of Māori Endurance analyses the position of the Māori people and Māori interests at the start of the third millennium. It also recognises the journeys from the past and makes projections into the future. This book introduces new issues and canvases recent developments that have influenced Māori lives and Māori resources. Development is an ongoing process that has distant beginnings and no real ending. That sense of eternity is reflected in the Māori title; like the changing nature of the tide, Māori fortunes also change.

This book provides a comprehensive analysis of research relating specifically to Māori over many fields. It presents a carefully structured and argued overview of the background, history, experience, and aspirations of the indigenous people of New Zealand, and develops a wide-ranging framework within which Māori development can be considered.

This book contributes towards better understanding of the Māori position and considers the challenges that lie ahead.

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